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Welcome to a New Era in Digital Marketing

Worlds First

Welcome to a new era in digital marketing.  We have developed the world’s first customer collectable AR experience to eliminate kids meals toys.  For the first time there is a way to eradicate the needless landfill that free kids’ toys create, this alienates the public and puts brands in a bad light.  Who needs it?  The alternative is an exciting world full of enchantment and magic that fills children’s heads with wonderment and knowledge. 

For Everyone

Forget awkward headsets, super expensive and elongated development times.  All our content is available through our cloud-based AR cross-platform app, meaning that everyone can participate by just using the smartphone in their pocket.

Come Back for More

We are developing the next-generation applications and content that takes the technology to the next level and powers up the experience into an extraordinary experience and incredibly powerful marketing tool that keeps your audience on the edge of their seat and wanting to come back for more.  


Make a Difference

Don’t be left behind we can help you develop a bespoke campaign from the ground up to engage in a meaningful way with your target audience and existing customers.

Contact us today and for a free demo and let us help you.


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We are rolling out our marketing and customer loyalty products globally.

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